Diammonium phosphate (DAP) conquers international markets

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) conquers international markets
  • Diammonium phosphate (DAP) conquers international marketsЖурнал Агробизнес
  • 11 june 2019
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Europe has adopted new requirements for certification of products for the food industry, allowing Russian manufacturers to expand supplies and enter new markets. In particular, the benefits will be given to the Diammonium Phosphate (DAF) produced by the Hydrometallurgic Plant (Lermontov city). According to experts, it has no analogues in the quality-price ratio and can be used in various fields of industry: from wood processing to beverage production.

The scope of DAF is quite wide. So, Diammonium Phosphate is used by manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. This chemical compound promotes the development of yeast; it is added to the fermentation tank, which facilitates the fermentation process. DAP is also popular among beer producers

DAP is also used in the food industry. The product quite often acts as a preservative in the manufacture of milk and dairy products, bread, pasta, dry mixes, fish and meat products, drinks, dietary supplements. It helps to regulate the acidity of food and improve the properties of powdered compounds.

Diammonium phosphate is also used in other fields, for example, in the preparation of metal alloys: zinc, bronze, tin, and copper. In addition, it is well suited for processing materials that are vulnerable to high temperatures, such as wood. The additive has flame retardant qualities and can be used in the textile and paper industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, DAP is used to prevent caking and lumping. In addition, he is involved in the manufacture of devices using the properties of ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics.



Manufacture of DAP by LLC Hydrometallurgical Plant has other unique properties. Firstly, heavy metals are almost completely absent in its composition. Apatites of the Kola Peninsula are used for the production of Diammonium Phosphate, from which they receive a clean product. This is especially important, because recently the European Parliament and the European Council adopted decisions on the widespread restriction of the circulation of phosphorus fertilizers with a high cadmium content in the EU since 2022. DAP of “HMP” has a harmful substance content close to zero. By this, the Russian DAF compares favorably with the products of Chinese manufacturers, many of which will not be able to meet the new environmental standards.

Secondly, the plant was able to achieve the best indicators for product non-caking. Previously, packed fertilizers had to be delivered to the consumer within two weeks. Otherwise, there was a risk that the fertilizer bag would turn to stone. Now the product carries transportation for 45 days or more when shipping, for example, to consumers in the United States.

An important factor is the price of the product. With all its unique characteristics, the cost of DAP from LLC “HMP” is significantly lower than that of European manufacturers. This was the key to his success in the European market. Naturally, customers from Europe and the USA are interested in products.

Samples were sent to them, which were subjected to very biased tests, after which the plant received a portfolio of orders. Demand for DAP in the United States has grown more than tenfold and continues to increase. Now the plant is working on the certification of DAP for delivery to the European market.

Thus, DAP production of the Lermontov plant is a promising product, the share of which will grow in international markets.

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