HMP of Lermontov city has multiplied the opportunities for packaging of new products

HMP of Lermontov city has multiplied the opportunities for packaging of new products
  • HMP of Lermontov city has multiplied the opportunities for packaging of new productsПресс-служба «Алмаз Групп»
  • 02 june 2019
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OJSC “HMP” of Lermontov city doubled its capacity to pack finished products in 25 kg bags, bringing this figure to 400 tons per day. This was achieved through the optimization of work processes.

Packing of monoammonium phosphate under the customer’s own brand (Private Label) was carried out for the second largest contract since the plant's launch. The supply of products is intended for farmers from Peru. The total volume of the contract is over 5 thousand tons. The sale of fertilizers is carried out by an exclusive seller of OJSC “HMP”, the trading house Cashmere Capital, LLC.


Edward Gurariy, Commercial Director of Cashmere Capital LLC: “Thanks to the efforts of the site workers who worked on our professional holiday, we completed the contract on time. Fertilizers will be delivered to the customer within 45 days. It is extremely important for us to maintain the image of the company, which strictly observes the agreements reached with customers. ”

Since the resumption of production in OJSC “HMP” the company has sold products of 1.8 billion rubles. The total volume of fertilizers produced from November 2018 to May 2019 amounted to over 50 thousand tons.


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In Lermontov city is located the group of companies “ALmaz Group”, which

OJSC “HMP” of Lermontov city, which will soon be named LLC” Almaz Fertilizers”, has been producing high-performance mineral fertilizers of the phosphate group for more than 50 years, which can be used not only to increase soil fertility, but also in the production of food additives

The range of products includes water-soluble fertilizers like as Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP), Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP), Potassium Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, a broad-based preparation, as well as Ammophos and Sulfoammophos, granular fertilizers. The company's products are export-oriented, more than 80% of finished products are exported.

Intermix Met LLC, which will soon be named “Almaz Tech”, produces a significant range of ligatures and alloys, rare-earth metal compounds, as well as technical and feed grades of copper sulfate. The company's products are used in a wide range of industries, from heavy engineering and defense industry to agriculture and household chemicals.

CJSC Southern Energy Company, which will soon receive the name “Almaz Energo”, is the main electricity supplier and the only heat supplier for Lermontov city. In addition, Southern Electric Company provides electricity and heat to the production facilities of the Group for the production of mineral fertilizers and ligatures. Thermal energy, electricity and power generated at the HES are supplied through heating networks to industrial and budget consumers, as well as to the population of Lermontov city.

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