Products of Almaz Fertilizers / GMZ Lermontov received a golden medal at the exhibition "Protected Ground of Russia"

Products of Almaz Fertilizers / GMZ Lermontov received a golden medal at the exhibition
31 May 2019

Almaz Fertilizers / GMZ Lermontov, Russia's only producer of monopotassium phosphate (MKP), received a golden medal at a competition held during the Protected Soil of Russia 2019 exhibition, which took place in Moscow on May 29-31. It was for the first time that GMZ Lermontov took part in this competition.

The awards in the category “Water-soluble Mineral Fertilizers” went to MKP, as well as potassium sulphate (SOP), another watersoluble product of GMZ. According to the jurys’ opinion, these fertilizers corresponded to the quality level of the best European manufacturers.

Natalia Rogova, CEO of the Russian Greenhouse Association:

“The products of all the participants in our competition must pass thorough an examination. The experts commission includes representatives of research institutes and the largest enterprises of this industry. Winning this competition is an assessment and recognition of the professional community”.

Edward Gurary, CCO of Cashmere Capital, Trading House of Almaz Fertilizers / GMZ:

“The high recognition of our products by the competition jury once again demonstrates the highest level of quality of the fertilizers we produce. It is achieved by three factors: a unique production technology, broad experience of research and development, and the company's team aimed for the result. We feel a great responsibility for the Russian consumer and are ready to provide him with products, the quality of which would be superior than that of their foreign analogues”.

Given the high interest in Almaz Fertilizers / GMZ Lermontov water-soluble fertilizers, its management decided to double the production capacity of MKP, bringing the figure to 20 000 tons.


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