Quality characteristics Ammophos 12:39 Ammophos 10:33 Ammophos 10:36
Appearance Light gray granules
Mass fraction of nitrogen, % 12 10 10
Mass fraction of assimilable phosphates in terms of P2O5 , % 39 33 36
Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 1.0 1.0 1.0
Mass fraction of granules size:
- less than 1 mm, %,
not more than 1-4 mm, %
not less than 6 mm,%



Statistical strength of granules MPa, not less than 3,0 3,0 3,0
Friability, % 100 100 100


In supplying of products, the permissible tolerance of the content of substances is established in accordance with TU 2186-008-48590531-2013

Highly effective granulated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Not contains nitrate nitrogen. It can be used for basic, pre-planting application and as plant nutrition for all agricultural and ornamental planning on different types of soils in opened and protected ground. It can be used as a component for the preparation of granulated fertilizer mixtures. Designed for use in personal subsidiary plot.

Ammophos has a positive impact on crop yields and the quality of grown products. Nitrogen in the ammophos is in ammonium form, which is fixed in the soil and is absorbed by plants almost in full. Contains phosphates in a water-soluble, easily accessible form.

The product is packed in laminated polypropylene bags with a 50 kg polyethylene liner and in soft containers up to 1250 kg.

Store in covered storage facilities that exclude penetration of precipitation and ground water.

Warranty period is 9 month from the date of manufacture of the product under conditions of transportation and storage.

Shelf life is unlimited.

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TIN / IEC 7704445150 / 770401001
PSRN 5177746003023 BIC 044525593