Potassium Sulfate

Quality characteristics Indicators
Appearance Colourless transparent crystals, soluble in water
Purity, %, not less than 99,3
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of К2O, % 52
Water content, %, not more 0,3
The mass fraction of water insoluble residue, %, no more 0,1
Mass fraction of chlorides (Cl), %, not more 0,1
pH 0,1 М solution 6-8
Turbidity, NTU items, not more 25
Solubility in water at 20 оС, г/100 см3 100
Friability, % 100
Mass fraction of arsenic (As), %, not more 0,0002
Mass fraction of lead (Pb), %, not more 0,0001
Mass fraction of cadmium (Cd), %, not more 0,00005
Mass fraction of mercury (Hg), %, not more 0,00001


In supplying of products, the permissible tolerance of the content of substances is established in accordance with TU 2184-009-48590531-2014

Potash mineral water-soluble chlorine-free fertilizer for basic, pre-sowing fertilizer application and for various crop and ornamental plants, grown in the open and protected ground on all soil types. Potassium sulfate is an ideal water-soluble source of potassium and sulfur for fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Recommended for cruciferous crops (leaf and cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, watercress, spinach, Brussels sprouts, arugula, radishes, turnips or forage turnips, swede), vegetables (peppers, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, etc.) and just for solubilous crops: oilseed rape, sunflower, onion, garlic, etc. Highly effective for chlorine-sensitive crops: potatoes, tobacco, flax, grapes, citrus fruits, corn in the early stages of development, etc. It is used in drip irrigation for root feeding in protected and open ground and also as a component for the preparation of water-soluble NPP fertilizers and a liquid complex fertilizers. Potassium sulfate is also used for industrial purposes.


Do not mix with calcium nitrate (calcium nitrate).

The advantages of using potassium sulfate:

  • Not contains chlorine, it is an optimal supplement for sensitive crops to chlorine
  • Has a low salt index, suitable for all types of soil;
  • Not contains nitrogen, which is an advantage in the final stages of plant development;
  • Improves the quality and flavour of vegetables and fruits;
  • Improves crop yields, appearance and colour, durability and suitability of fruit and vegetables for processing;
  • Increases plant resistance to abiotic stress (drought, frost), insects and diseases.

The product is packed in 25 kg polypropylene bags, soft containers up to 1000 kg.

Warranty period is 1 year from the date of manufacture of the product under conditions of transportation and storage.

Shelf life is unlimited.

Dose of application Mode of application
50-300 kg / ha per year, depending on the type of crop, technology of cultivation, planned yield, method of application, taking into account agrochemical indicators of soil. For all crops as basic, pre-seeding, fertilizing
1.5-30 kg / ha (concentration of working solution 1.0-3.0%). Working solution flow rate: 300-400 l / ha - field crops 800-1000l / ha fruit plants, grapes For all crops as leaf-feeding of plants during the growing season
0.5-1.0 kg / 1000 l of water. The flow rate of the working solution depends on irrigation norms As root fertilization (application with irrigation water) for vegetable, industrial, fodder, fruit and berry, floral-decorative crops.
0,1-0,5kg / 1000 l of water. The flow rate of the working solution depends on irrigation norms As root fertilization (application with irrigation water) for vegetable, floral-decorative crops (protected soil)
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