Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate

Qualitaty characteristics  
Appearancce Light gray granules
Ammonium nitrogen N-NH4+, % 16
P2O5 , % 20
S, % 12
Humidity, %, max 0.7
- from 0 to 1 mm, % max
- from 1 to 4 mm, % min
- from0 to 6 mm,%

Statistical granules  strength, MPa, min 3.0
Friability, % 100


The allowed tolerance of the nutrient content is set in accordance with the domestic regulation of the country of import.

Ammonium phosphate sulphate is a highly effective NP(S) fertilizer for open field application. It can be used for the main, pre-sowing application, as well as for side-dressing of different crops in different types of soils. Especially recommended for grains (wheat, oat, corn) and sulphur-loving oilseeds: sunflower, rape (canola). It can be used as a component for the preparation of NPK blends.

The product is packed in 50 kg laminated polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner and 500, 800 and 1000 kg big-bags.

Store in covered storage facilities that exclude penetration of precipitation and ground water.

The product packaged in big bags, can be stored in open areas with a hard ground surface and under cover.

The warranty period is 9 months from the date of manufacture under the recommended conditions of transportation and storage.

Shelf life is unlimited.

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